Financial Analyst

Job Duties:

  • Analyze financial data for prospective purchase, asset allocation, fee generation or other cash flow, using typically industry/company standard analytical tools or measures with Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) and Excel;
  • Confer with business unit management and staff to acquire operating or financial data for analysis. Using Structured Query Language (SQL) or Software Package Uses for Statistical Analysis (SPSS) to process this data, conduct standard or ad hoc analyses to satisfy variety of management objectives;
  • Participate in or assist month end analyses to summarize, reconcile, and report financial data from transactions, fee payments, accruals, or other cash flows with Sage Accpac, in order to identify or track trends;
  • Assess data retrieved from archive or Sage Accpac for data integrity for analytical purposes;
  • sort, partition or segment data for further analysis by self or others;
  • Prepare and present all monthly and quarter end financial packages to US & headquarters in China, including full P&L detail and supplemental materials (with focus on analytics vs. data gathering/report generation).

Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree in Economics related with 5 years work experience.

Job Location: Edmonston, MD.

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